Welcome to Illuminate Church!

Illuminate Church exists so that people far from God will be filled with the LIGHT of Christ.

We’re glad you took time to check us out! Please feel free to explore our site to see what we’re all about. We look forward to seeing you in Worship Soon. Join us at Barfield Elementary Sundays at 10:30am.


Our History

Pastor Tre’ was an evangelist for 9 years and spent time doing evangelism in 12 countries. After Pastor
Tre’ and Kristin got married in August of 2004, they moved to Lynchburg, VA to attend Liberty University
and Seminary.

While preaching weekly around the country and working on his studies, he and his wife felt the call to
start a new church. After much prayer and planning, it was obvious that the Boro’ was the place God
was calling them.

Landing in the Boro’

On April 1st, 2009, the Faulkner family moved into a St. Andrews Apartment in the Boro’. Throughout
the summer and Fall of 2009, Pastor Tre’ knocked on 9,000 doors in an attempt to find some people
interested in starting a new church. After being out of church for 10 years, The Morris family felt God
was calling them. They decided they wanted to be a part of Illuminate Church. They were the only

After some preliminary meetings, we decided it was time to start Illuminate officially. We didn’t have
the money to pay rent or even buy insurance to cover the church in the case of an accident. After a 30
minute conversation, a man named George Robinson wrote a check for $500.00 and committed to
giving 250.00 monthly until God tells him to stop. He hasn’t stopped with his monthly giving yet!

When we paid all the bills for the first month, we had less than $50.00 in the bank account. We were
truly living by faith. It has been nothing but exciting since the beginning. As of November 2011, we have
never been late for anything and have $17,632. 20 in our Vision Expansion Fund.

We have seen 40 baptisms since we started 2 years ago and over 150 saved. The best is yet to come. We
are just getting started!

We have set a goal of raising 250,000.00 to purchase property or outfit a warehouse in the Boro’. We
are really surrendered to whatever God leads us to. The vision is concrete, yet the strategy is fluid. We
are the first Theologically SBC church in Rutherford County, TN to start without “Baptist” in the name
and take an interdenominational approach to people. Every church has core theology that ties them to
a denomination. This directs all the teaching and doctrines of a church, but we refuse to focus on the
dogmas of a denomination! Jesus is so much bigger than a denomination.

Pastor Tre’s goal in preaching is to design and preach messages that edify both the lost person off the
street who knows nothing about the bible and the veteran Christ-Follower who has been in church their
whole life!

Come join us in this journey! We will welcome you like family!

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